bizbahrain, a recognized leader in Relationship Marketing, helps its clients by designing integrated marketing strategies that build better relationships with the audiences that clients depend on for their success: employees, channel partners and consumers.  

Working with bizbahrain is a professional, less risky way to develop new areas of business even more so than working completely in-house with your own people. 

Our key to success relies on our commitment to quality.

We concentrate on two main areas;

·         Consistent, accurate fulfillment of the client's wishes.

·         Competitive pricing for the quality of services offered. 

Media Connections

The bizbahrain PR specialized team has been securing top-notch media coverage for a broad range of clients since early 2000. That means we have long-standing media contacts with editors and reporters. We know who to pick, and what makes them tick.

News Production & Distribution

bizbahrain news production & distribution enables you to target your news to your selected audiences based on your geographic and industry market needs

News Clipping

bizbahrain is the ONLY company in Bahrain that offers today's most comprehensive, effective, time-efficient, economical, local and regional news monitoring and clipping service for public relations, marketing, competitive intelligence, sales and planning professionals.

Tailor-Made Publications

Through its well trained and experienced editorial team, bizbahrain is capable of producing any type of collateral required, whether it is an annual report, newsletters, consumer guide or a technically sophisticated publication targeted to telecom operators or even investors. We understand your objectives and bring them to life.

Press Monitor Report 

This is a unique service, providing you with a detailed analysis of all the coverage your company receives in your local newspapers.

You probably know when and where your advertisements appear.  But do you know how often your press releases are given coverage?  Are you aware of all the times your company is mentioned in the news or features columns of your country newspapers and magazines?

Most importantly, do you know how you compare with your competitors? 

bizbahrain has come up with the Press Monitor Report -- a service that will let you know exactly how often your company gets coverage in your country’s press with a comparison of all the leading competing companies in your field.


bizbahrain goes above and beyond what is expected, every time. Our systems of planning have been drawn up, evaluated, practiced, worked, and reworked to ensure the maximum efficiency while minimizing the possibility of error 

The key fulfillment and delivery will be provided by the principals of the business. The real core value is professional expertise, provided by a combination of experience, hard work, and education. 

Our Portfolio

Media Analysis: Press Monitor Report (Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait)

Public Relations: Media monitoring, newsletters, press releases, annual reports, feature articles, speech writing, press dissemination

Copywriting & translation



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